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Print Version The Book of James
Lesson written by Murray Wade



Memory Verse: James 1:21


1. Which James probably wrote the book of James?



2. When was the book written?



3. Who was it written to?



4. What good comes from our troubles and trials?





5. When we ask for wisdom from God, what must we have?





6. What does James compare to the pursuits of the rich?





7. Is it wrong to be tempted?





8. What reward awaits Christians who endure temptation?





9. What do you think verses 19-20 mean?





10. What does James stress in verses 22-27?









Memory Verse: James 1:22


1. Give, in your own words, your definition of partiality.






2. What examples of partiality does James use in chapter 2?






3. If one shows partiality, what does he commit?





4. List other NT scriptures that show partiality is wrong?






5. What example does James give that shows how faith by itself, without works, is dead?






6. How were Abraham and Rahab justified?






7. Why is this chapter so important to study and understand in today’s world?














Memory Verse: James 1:23


1. Why does James say ”Let not many of you become teachers “?





2. What can we become if we do not stumble in Word?





3. What three illustrations does James use to describe the power of the tongue?





4. Once we have said something, can we ever really take back the words? Please explain your answer.





5. What tempts you to misuse your tongue?





6. James uses the illustrations of the spring and the fig tree. What is his point?





7. What destroys peace in the home and in the Lord’s Body?





8. Make a list of the different things James says the wisdom from above is.










Memory Verse: James 1:24


1. What do you think “ask with wrong motives“ (in NAS) means?






2. How can we be adulteresses?






3. What is the key word stressed in verses 6-10? Why is this so important for Christians (see Luke 17:10 and 18:9-14)






4. What does “do not speak against one another” (or “speak evil” in the NKJV) mean?






5. What does verse 15 tell us about tomorrow?






6. Name someone from the NT who took tomorrow for granted?






7. Make a list of things of things that verse 17 may be talking about (especially ones you deal with in your life).











Memory Passage: James 1:21-25


1. What did Jesus teach about storing up treasures in Matthew 6:19-21?






2. From verses 4-6, how should masters treat their laborers?






3. What example does James use for patience? Why would this make sense?







4. Who is given as an example of endurance? Why?






5. How does James teach us about the power of prayer?






6. Make a list of people and things that you think you need to pray about.






7. Is it important, when we find out that a brother or sister is in sin or they are teaching error, to try to turn them back to the Truth? Please explain your answer.




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