By Only 23 Minutes Per Day

Read Through and Listen to the New Testament in 24 Days

Here is an excellent way of reading through the New Testament in 24 days using very little time. I have followed this schedule about ten times in the last several years. Here are the required tools: (1) A tape recorder that has a speed-control; that is, one that speeds up the pace of the tape that is being played, and (2) The New Testament on tape, preferredly, in the same version that one normally uses. In other words, if you are using the King James Version, obtain the N.T. on tape in the KJV; or, if you are using the New King James Version, obtain the NKJV on tape, etc.

Once the tools are obtained, the rest is easy. I have listed the schedule below. It is simply a list of the books and chapters which are on each tape. As one listens to his recorder, he then follows along in his own Bible as the words are being read. It is very easy to follow the speed recorder even though it is going twice the speed of a normal tape player. A forty-five minute cassette tape is heard in 23 minutes.

By this method, one not only reads through the New Testament in very short time, but his perception is doubled. He is not only hearing the verses, but reading them as well.

This plan also works well on the Old Testament. One can read through it in 72 days at only 23 minutes per day.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful method of reading through the Bible. I certainly do.


David J. Riggs

Schedule for the New Testament:

1.  Side one: Matt. 1-11
    Side two: Matt. 12-20
2.  Side one: Matt.. 21-28
    Side two: Mark 1-9
3.  Side one: Mark 10-16
    Side two: Luke 1-7
4.  Side one: Luke 8-14
    Side two: Luke 15-22
5.  Side one: Luke 23-John 6
    Side two: John 7-14
6.  Side one: John 15-Acts 3
    Side two: Acts 4-11
7.  Side one: Acts 12-20
    Side two: Acts 21-Rom. 2
8.  Side one: Rom. 3-15
    Side two: Rom. 16-1 Cor. 13
9.  Side one: 1 Cor. 14-2 Cor. 11
    Side two: 2 Cor. 12-Eph. 6
10. Side one: Phil. 1-2 Thess. 3
    Side two: 1 Tim. 1-Heb. 3
11. Side one: Heb. 4-James 3
    Side two: James 4-1 John 5
12. Side one: 2 John 1-Rev. 12
    Side two: Rev. 13-22