What Happens After Death?

Chart #1

Earthly Existence

Formed out of the dust of the ground

Given an eternal spirit after God's likeness

Man normally lives to about seventy or eighty

Man dies and his body returns to the dust

Man needs to understand the purpose of his existence

Chart #2


Abraham's Bosom

Place of Comfort


Great Gulf Fixed
Place of Torment

Kept Under Punishment

Spirits in Prison

Chart #3

When One Dies

Present With Christ

"May be with Me where I am"

"Depart and be with Christ"

"Absent from the body and to be present with the Lord"

"Before the throne...the Lamb will shepherd them"

"They lived and reigned with Christ"

Chart #4

Second Coming

Spirits of the righteous dead brought with Him

Resurrection of the dead

The righteous who are alive caught up to meet the Lord

The wicked who are alive receive eternal punishment

The earth totally destroyed

Chart #5

The Judgment

One great judgment for all

A revelation of the righteous judgment of God

God will bring every work into judgement

God will convict the ungodly

God will reward the righteous

Chart #6



(A Place of Eternal Bliss)


(A Place of Eternal Punishment)