1. To Adam, the promise was of a woman's seed (Gen. 3:15).

  2. To Abraham, the promise of a seed (Gen. 12:3; 22:18; Gal. 3:13-18).

  3. To Israel, under Moses, the promise of law-giver like Moses (Deut. 18:18-19; Acts 3:19-23).

  4. To David, the promise of a son who would sit and reign upon his throne forever (2 Sam. 7:12; Luke 1:27-35).

  5. To Israel, in the time of Isaiah, the promise:
    1. Of a virgin's child, whose name should be called Immanuel (Isa. 7:14; Matt. 1:18-25), Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of peace (Isa. 9:6).
    2. Of a suffering servant of Jehovah, who would bear the sins of many and make intercession for the transgressors (Isa. 53:11-12; 1 Pet. 2:25).

  6. To Israel, in the days of Jeremiah, the promise of one who should be called the Lord our Righteousness (Jer. 23:15-16).

  7. To Israel, in the era of Ezekiel, the promise of a shepherd king like David to rule over his people (Ezek. 37:24).

  8. To Israel, after the return from captivity, the promise of one called "the Branch" (Zech. 3:8).

This promise was fulfilled and realized in the person

and work of Jesus Christ.