(Note: I sent the following questions to a "Call-in Radio Program.")

Dear Sirs,

As you have opportunity, please answer any of the following questions on your program:

  1. Is baptism essential to salvation?
  2. Is one saved before baptism or at the point of baptism?
  3. Does a man have to do anything to gain eternal life?
  4. What part does the physical heart plan in religion?
  5. Are men saved by faith only?
  6. To what extent are the Scriptures inspired of God?
  7. What is the "good confession" of 1 Tim. 6:12?
  8. According to the Scriptures, what must one do to be saved?
  9. What must one do to keep saved?
  10. Does Eph. 2:8-9 contradict James 2:24?
  11. Is the "Lord's day" the same as the Sabbath?
  12. Are miracles still performed today like they were in the New Testament times?
  13. When will Jesus come again?
  14. Will good people of all churches be saved?
  15. Are all denominational churches from God?
  16. What is the true standard of authority in religion?
  17. Is God a God of wrath, or of love only?
  18. Can one be saved solely by prayer?
  19. What religious name should we wear?
  20. Does God accept sprinkling, pouring, and immersion as baptism?
  21. Why doesn't the church of Christ use instruments of music in worship?
  22. How is the church to raise its money?
  23. Is it Scriptural for the church to provide recreation and entertainment?
  24. Is "once saved always saved" taught in the Bible?
  25. Are we still under the ten commandments?
  26. How does a person become a Christian?
  27. What does the Bible teach on marriage, divorce and remarriage?
  28. How can I know that I am saved?
  29. Can we understand the Bible alike?
  30. Should infants be baptized?
  31. What is the sin of "presumption" of Psalm 19:13?
  32. Is punishment an effective means of eliminating undesirable behavior in children?
  33. Does the "spirit" of a Christian sin, or is it simply the "body" that sins?
  34. Does the Bible teach that there is a "hell" or it is "annihilation"?
  35. How does one determine what is false or true in religion?
  36. Is it right to pray to Mary the mother of Jesus or any other saint?
  37. Does a person have to be baptized to be saved?
  38. What did Paul mean by the statement, "For Christ sent me not to baptize...?
  39. Can a person who is not a Christian receive forgiveness of sins by praying?
  40. Does the Bible teach that one is predestinated to be saved or lost?
  41. It is proper to call a man "reverend"?
  42. Why are you folks always running everyone else down?
  43. What did you mean when you mentioned, "undenominational Christianity"?
  44. Wasn't the thief on the cross saved without baptism?
  45. Was Paul the apostle a Sabbath-keeper?
  46. Should one receive water baptism or Holy Spirit baptism to be saved?
  47. Did all men become depraved in Adam's transgression?
  48. Should one ever be baptized again?
  49. Why isn't the church of Christ just another denomination?
  50. What day is the Sabbath and what is its significance?
  51. Where does one's spirit go when he dies?
  52. Is the celebration of Christmas taught in the Bible?
  53. Is Christ reigning as king over His kingdom now?
  54. Will Christ began His reign and kingdom when He returns?
  55. Does the Bible teach that Christ will reign on earth for a thousand years?
  56. Does the Bible teach that one can fall from grace?
  57. Does the Bible teach that there is but one true church?
  58. Does the Bible show that one church is as good as another?
  59. Can one just let his conscience be his guide?
  60. Is one saved by grace without works?
  61. Does the Bible teach that it is wrong to judge or criticize other religions?
  62. Is the book of Mormon from God?
  63. Does it matter what a person is or does religiously as long as he is sincere?
  64. Is the Old Testament binding on us as law today?
  65. Did the Catholics give us the Bible as they claim?
  66. Can the church save you?
  67. Did Alexander Campbell start the church of Christ?
  68. Is the church of Christ a denomination?
  69. Are denominations branches of the church established by Christ?
  70. Is it right to be guided by feelings?
  71. Does one become a Christian by accepting Christ or, are there others things involved?
  72. Does the church of Christ have an earthly headquarters?
  73. Is "doctrine" important?
  74. Is "hell" only the grave?
  75. Is salvation conditional?
  76. By what will men be judged in the last day?
  77. Is evolution at variance with the Bible?
  78. How do we get faith?
  79. Is Jesus Christ Deity or only an angel?
  80. Should we be called "Jehovah's Witnesses"?
  81. Can a Christian be a Mason?
  82. Can a woman be a preacher or an elder?
  83. Is our religious "name" important?
  84. Should one "pray through" to be saved?
  85. Must one be "God called" before he can preach the gospel?
  86. Are works necessary to salvation?
  87. Can goodness alone save one's soul?
  88. Why do members of the church of Christ think they are the only ones saved?
  89. Do babies inherit sin?
  90. Do "Jehovah's Witnesses" have a soul?
  91. Can a Christian be in the Gideon's Bible Society?
  92. Are there three persons in the Godhead or only one?
  93. Can a child of God so sin as to be finally lost?
  94. What does the Bible teach about church discipline?
  95. Does the Bible teach that marriage is for life?
  96. Does moral goodness make one a Christian?
  97. Does God require obedience (works) in order to be saved?
  98. How many churches did Jesus build?
  99. Why are there so many different churches in the world today?
  100. Why is there so much religious division today?
  101. Is the Bible responsible for all the division among religious people?
  102. Is the Second Coming of Christ near?
  103. What does "for" in Acts 2:38 mean?
  104. What puts one into the church?
  105. Must one be voted on to enter the church?
  106. Can one actually speak in "tongues" today?
  107. If one says that "baptism saves," isn't he teaching "water salvation"?
  108. Is there any power in the water in baptism?
  109. How can we determine who are really the true disciples of Christ today?
  110. What does it mean to be just a Christian?
  111. How often should the Lord's Supper be observed?
  112. Is one required to go to church or can he simply worship God at home?
  113. Does the Bible teach that we should tithe?
  114. What does the Bible say about being gay?
  115. What does the Bible teach regarding drunkenness and social drinking?
  116. Is abortion right or wrong in the sight of God?
  117. If one gets a lawful divorce from our courts system, will God accept it?
  118. Is it right for the church from its treasury to send to an Orphan's Home, College, or Missionary Society?
  119. Was Peter a pope?

With Many Thanks,

An Anonymous Inquirer