Paul's Arguments For Support of Preachers in 1 Cor. 9

  1. No soldier serves at his own charge. (Vs. 7a)

  2. One who plants the vineyard eats the fruit. (Vs. 7b)

  3. One who feeds the flock drinks the milk. (Vs. 7c)

  4. O.T. - They should not muzzle the ox that treads the grain. (Vs 9)

  5. One who plows does so in hope of partaking. (Vs 10a)

  6. One who threshes in hope, should be a partaker. (Vs. 10b)

  7. One who sows spiritual things, has a right to reap carnal things. (Vs. 11)

  8. O.T. ­ Those who minister about holy things, live of the things of the temple. (Vs. 13a)

  9. O.T. ­ Those who wait at the altar, are partakers with the altar. (Vs. 13b)

  10. The Lord ordained it. (Vs. 14)